вторник, 30 сентября 2014 г.

25 years after the fall: indicators of postcommunist science

в сокращенном варианте текст опубликован в HERB #2 (pdf)

Ivan SterligovAlfia Enikeeva 

In 1985 COMECON countries published more than 64 thousand documents indexed in the US-produced Web of Science database, of which only 1-2% were coauthored with American scientists. USSR alone accounted for almost 40 thousand publications, or 4,4% of the total world output, not counting numerous quality Soviet journals missing from the Web of Science. By 2013 Russia’s share was only 1,6% and all former partner communist states switched to EU or USA as their main collaborators. This article aims to provide a brief statistical overview of these massive changes by combining bibliometric data with some general development indicators and historical remarks.